Aspley Guise Lower School

Aspley Guise Lower School

Growing Together, Aiming High

Prospective Parents

Parental contribution to the life of the school. 

Starting a new school isn't just for the children. It's also about parents joining a new community as well. As a part of our desire that everyone be a part of the life and success of the school, please consider the skills that you have that can help enhance our offer. It may be practical as in a trade skill you have or even a hobby you could share. If may be a financial, procurement or marketing background that could help our school to spend our money even better on the education of the children?

Whatever skills you have, let us know what they are. To coin a phrase, "Every little helps."

Parent Skills Audit Form

Donation Form



School Admissions Booklet:

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Please follow this link for information on how to apply: /Prospective_Parents/School_admissions_booklet_2021.pdf

 Please follow this link for information on School Readiness: /Prospective_Parents/school-readiness-16-ticks_tcm3-14978.pdf


Information for new parents