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Sports Premium Impact Review

The school is extremely proud of its sport provision. We are a part of the local pyramid of schools and take part in a large number of extra curricular competative sports over the year. The school also has specialist sports provision provided by MK Springer Gymnastics Club and a large number of extra curricular sporting activites. The vast majority of our pupils take part in these over the year.


PE grant 2018-2019

In the 2018-2019 financial year, Aspley Guise Lower School received a £17,070 PE grant (£16,000 plus £10 per Full Time pupil).


The terms of the grant state that it should be spent on sustainable projects to improve sport for pupils now and in the future. Expenditure this financial year has been as follows:


Expenditure on shortfall from previous year                       £1,249

Recruitment of PE Apprentice to develop more PE skills   £6,272

Community sports tournaments etc                                    £3,950

Upgrade of indoor PE equipment                                           £280

New play equipment: mats, balls etc                                      £209

Refurbishment of sports hall floor                                        £2,280

Upgrade of outdoor play equipment                                       £400

New outdoor play equipment                                                    £77

Positive play training (staff and pupils)                                    £870

Additional sports activity teaching                                           £390

New sports activities, Early Years                                           £495

Outdoor adventure contribution                                               £105

Greensand Trust education                                                     £104

Additional PE co-ordinator time                                               £200

New Dance club                                                                      £100



The impact of the expenditure is that: the school was recognised for its strong commitment to sport and was one of the first schools to be awarded the Platinum Games Mark for School Sport. We held new activities to increase pupil understanding in a range of sports, such as Tennis for our Reception children, Judo for older classes, Dance club to enter a competition and higher order athletics coaching. Our indoor and outdoor sports facilities were refurbished to extend their sustainability, and additional equipment was purchased to continue extended sports activities in a sustainable way. Our PE apprentice is on the playground at every break time with the sole objective of increasing pupil participation in sport at these times. She has also been instrumental in enabling the less active in lessons to participate to a more productive way.



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