Aspley Guise Lower School

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Governing Body

Abigail Scordellis  (Parent Governor) Jan 2018-Jan 2022

Sarah Chapman (Numeracy Governor/Curriculum) Dec 2014-Dec 2018

Mel Conaty (Staffing Chair/Equality) June 2015-June 2019

Tim Newbery (Curriculum Committee/PE) June 2015-June 2019

Nicola Mackinnon (new) April 2018-April 2022


Saran Andrews (SEND/Child Protection Governor) Dec 2014-Dec 2018

Richard Bendall (Complaints Committee/Curriculum) Dec 2014-Dec 2018

Helen Hazell (Curriculum Committee) May 2016-May 2020

Gina Teague (Vice-Chair/Training/Pay/Health & Safety Governor) June 2015-June 2019

Lorraine King (Chair of Governors/Curriculum Committee) May 2016-May 2020


Jamie Ross (Finance Chair/Staffing Governor) Mar 2016-Mar 2020


Jo Bartram-Hill (Finance/Discipline Governor) Feb 2016-Feb 2020


Melanie Mercer (Governor on Finance/Curriculum/Staffing Committees)


Valerie Dallinger (Also Clerk at Langford Village Academy)


Business interests: Mr Bendall has a link with Easycopiers, Ms King is on the Pre-School Committee


Parent Governors






Co-opted Governors






LA Governor


Staff Governor




Clerk to the Governors