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Elm Class

Elm Class are year two children who are all eager to learn and full of enthusiasm. The children enjoy a full and exciting curriculum and have a wide range of learning opportunities.

Teaching Staff


Mrs B - Class Teacher

Miss Stephens - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Matthews - Teaching Assistant (Mornings)

Elm Spring Newsletter

Maths with Elm


We have started looking at 2D and 3D shapes in Elm Class. The children took part in a maths morning, where they explored shapes through a variety of ways. Some of the activities involved looking at the nets of different shapes, building 3D shapes using only sticks and Blutack and they also used the computers to play a pairs game based on shapes. The children all enjoyed exploring shapes in an active way. They can now transfer their learning as we work with shapes more.

The Great Fire of London


This term we have been learning all about The Great Fire of London. We have learnt about the construction of the houses back in 1666. The houses were built very close together and this helped the fire to spread from house to house. We now know that the fire started at Thomas Farriner's bakery on Pudding Lane and we learnt how it destroyed many peoples homes. With our topic in mind, we constructed our own houses out of cardboard boxes and painted them in the style of the houses from 1666. We then attached the indvidual houses together to create the streets of London. Elm class were really excited to set their streets of London alight. They have seen how quickly fire can spread.

Science in Elm


This term we have started a new topic in Science, we are learning about Plants. Elm Class have looked at the parts of a flower, they have labelled the important parts and explained why they are important. They have learnt that the petals are there to protect the seeds of the flower. We have also looked at different seeds. The children worked im small groups and they had to group the seeds with reasoning. Some grouped the seeds by size and others grouped them on their colour.